Basic Steps in Manufacturing Processes
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Basic Steps in Manufacturing Processes

There are basic steps in manufacturing processes, these includes the following; creating the design for the products, sourcing raw materials, processing the raw materials, production and quality control and marketing.

There are basic steps in manufacturing processes, these includes the following; creating the design for the products, sourcing raw materials, processing the raw materials, production and quality control and marketing.

Creating the design of the products is one of the first things to be considered in manufacturing. Designs should dictate the utility of the product to the end customer and it should not only be inherent to the product itself but as well as to the packaging. As we all know, attractive packaging could catch customer's attention, curiosity and interest to the product. In designing the product and its packaging, it must be considered that it should be innovative, creative and contemporary.

Sourcing the raw materials depends upon the kind of product that is being manufactured. Raw materials in manufacturing can be acquired from local sources or it might be imported from other countries. Local raw materials mostly come from the nature such as from the mines, plantations, farms, fisheries and more. Imported raw materials can be acquired mostly from other business firms such as crude oil, flour, chemicals, machinery and parts, electronic parts and several others.

Processing the raw materials also depends from the kind of products that are manufactured. There are three manufacturing processes that can be used depending upon the the nature of the product to be produced.


First is the “analytical process”. This process involves the breaking down of the raw materials into smaller parts. Examples of analytical process is the processing of different preserve foods such as corned beefs, hot dogs, sausages and several others.

Second is the “synthetic process”, this process involves the assembling of ready made parts or by using mixed ingredients. Example is the manufacturing of automobiles wherein most of the parts are assembled.

Third is the “conditioning process”, in this process the raw materials may be change on its form in order for it to be used in another purpose. An example for this is the processing of marble which is reshaped and smoothened and changed from its original appearance to be used as tiles.

Production and quality control assures that a single product has the same quality of the rest that are being manufactured. The use of workers who are trained for checking in every stage of manufacturing processes will ensure that the products undergoes quality control and meet the company's standard.

Marketing involves the distribution of the finish products to the consumers. Success in marketing depends upon the products quality, demand price, advertisements and several other factors.


As you can see there are many steps to the manufacturing process. Many might think that manufacturing is just building a product, but it is much more involved than that. There is also the design process, there must be a design and prototype before anything can be manufactured. Consumer needs, it should first be analyzed with marketing research to find out the demand for a product. Once the product has been manufactured, then there is the marketing of the product so that consumers learn of your product.

Manufacturing a product takes many steps from beginning to getting the final product out to the buying public.

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