Business Communication Cryptography
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Business Communication Cryptography

Business communications are using cryptography to scramble data being transmitted over public or potentially unsecured means. It is mandatory and normal practices for electronic systems to maintain controlled access of information by issuing users passwords or specific keys to restricted information. The systems are so sophisticated that unsecured access can be traced and interceptors identified.

Business communications have incorporated some form of cryptography in all transmissions, especially online communications. The initial purpose of cryptography was to maintain secrecy primarily within the government systems.  Electromechanically devices were used to decipher messages during earlier wars and specialists began to emerge for translating codes. Today, those codes exist in the forms of a symmetric key, asymmetric key systems used for public communications and cryptographic hash functions.


Cryptography techniques in business communications restrict the viewing of information, allowing confidential information to be transmitted through secured broadcasting.  Business communications use scientific computer programing to generate text messages regulated by industry and government agencies, making discretion mandatory for some services. The purpose ofencryption is to prevent third parties from gaining access to the private, personal and restricted information. For business purposes that information may contain personnel information, customer profiling, internal business data or marketing strategies on new product developments. 


When communications are transmitted to the designated receiver software programs scramble the encrypted message. Once the authorized receiver opens the message the software unscrambles the message for viewing. Technology has improved the ability of cryptography techniques, using better security through the use of identifications and passwords restricting unauthorized users.  All communications systems recommend changing passwords to secure the privacy of communications; some systems have defaults to expire older password automatically.


Although technology has brought improvements, it also presents a constant challenge to decipher the codes and break into the secured communications. As we move forward techniques of hackers are consistently being reviewed and preventative measures implemented to eliminate unauthorized access. Cryptography combines two formats adding further security to the information being transmitted. For example, the initial message is encrypted before the information is transmitted and the second platform uses an encrypted algorithm. The dual process is meant to interfere with the decoding sequence for secured business communications.


Using this approach is important to business communications, as it controls how the information is being sent and may require confirmation of the message being received and read.  Communication controls use both traditional and modern day techniques to secure transmissions.  Modern communication techniques using computers have particularly long keys and algorithms to ensure secured communications. The algorithms are used to calculate and predict the intended result, making this process vital to maintaining secure communications.


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Good information on this interfering code or platform. I thought there were a host of inflicting codes that are sent through.