How Can You Keep Your Customers Coming Back To You in Your Business?
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How Can You Keep Your Customers Coming Back To You in Your Business?

To retain your customer base in your business and increase it, you must adopt certain business tactics and strategies.You must have a good planning, be trendy, be courteous, maintain your accounts, have control over the inventories and run the business with a social obligation,

How Can You Keep Your Customers Coming Back To You in Your Business?

Running your business successfully has always been a tough task. You run your business successfully means: 1) you are earning profits from your business 2) you have established a customer base or you have a regular flow of customers for your business.

Now you have a pertinent question: Whether your profits and customer base are regularly and steadily increasing; If you have only marginal profit from your business and your customer base remains static or is increasing very slowly, it shows that you have not achieved a spectacular success in your business. Now you have to learn the secrets of not only retaining your customer base but also increasing it steadily and gradually.Increasing your customer base will lead to an increase in your profits.

However to achieve the desired results in your business, you must work hard with a horse sense. You have to adopt and follow certain tested and acknowledged business tactics, strategies and principles.

1).Good Planning:

Whether you are running a small business or a large business concern, you must have a well thought out plan. Always mobilize your funds for the business in a risk free manner Know about your competitors in the business, their strengths and weaknesses. Assess your present position, profits and customer base; then you must set achievable targets which must be reasonable and within your reach. However, before setting up your targets, you must also refresh with the A to Z of your business.

2) Be Trendy:

Having set the targets for your business, you must keep abreast of the current trends prevailing in your business, in pricing, buying, stocking, selling and marketing your goods or products. There is a saying, ‘A new rupee will always drive away the old rupee’ meaning customers will always prefer the current or the newest products to the old ones.

i)To remain trendy, you must see that your business premise has a good look, modern amenities and gadgets; if necessary spend a reasonable amount in advertising your business, to provide a good look and furnishings in your business premises.

ii) You must have the latest products that are currently available in the market for your business and see that no customer returns empty handed from your business premise. You must also see that your products always remain fresh, because a customer always prefers a fresh and good product.

iii) You must sell your products at a competitive and attractive price so as to retain your customer base, besides attracting more and more customers. The competitive price offered by you not only satisfies your present customer, but it will also help you to fetch a new customer to purchase the product.

3) Courteous approach towards your customers:

Since a customer is the king of your business, you must see that he always remains satisfied; to satisfy your customer, you must render the best service in a most courteous manner; attend to his complaints and grievances as quickly as possible and redress them. Your slightest haughty or imperious behavior towards your customer will land you in unnecessary troubles perhaps leading to a consumer complaint against you. Therefore ‘courtesy towards a customer’ must be your watchword of your business in your dealings with the customer.

4) Always maintain your accounts of the business current and updated:

Remaining vigilant and regularly having a watch over the accounts of your business will always help you to track your business accounts and records as easily as possible; it also helps you to periodically assess the actual financial position or condition of your business; in case you find any downward trend in the profits of your business, it helps you to revamp your business strategies; filing the tax returns of your business promptly to the tax authorities will also have a good effect on the finances of your business.

5) Always have an eye over the inventories of your business:

As your profits and customer base of your business grows, it is necessary to increase the number of employees of your business, besides marginally increasing the salaries of the existing employees. However, you must also have an eye over the inventories of your business and see that they always remain under check and control and within your manageable limits.

6) Run your business with a social obligation:

While running a successful business, it is equally necessary that you remain committed towards social obligation. Choose any one of the common social causes and see that your business concern always remains committed to fulfill the social obligation. Your commitment towards the social obligation helps the common cause, besides enhancing the good will and reputation of your business. If you choose a common cause related to your business,it is well and good;it will also help you to enhance your business by attracting more customers.

If you follow the above said tips, you are bound to progress in your business by leaps and bounds;besides retaining your customer base, you will also have more and more customers pouring into your business.




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Comments (7)

Getting the lost customer back is too difficult but this article will definitely help getting customer back.

Great list of advices here Rama, thanks.

good articles

very nice and well written article.thanks

Good tips to remember when doing business. Courtesy, I believe, is the best way to retain customers.

Hi! great advice for those starting a business

I like honesty, social responsibility and reliability are all important qualities to bring back the trust of the cliets.