How Do You Compete for the First Page of a Popular Google Search?
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How Do You Compete for the First Page of a Popular Google Search?

You have to know search engine optimization really well to compete for the first page of a really popular Google search, but it can be done without the help of experts, if you take the time to learn the fundamentals of SEO yourself.

In order to compete for the first page of a popular Google search you need to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I can't explain everything about SEO on this page, but I can give you the links to my other articles which explain all the SEO techniques you will need to compete for the first page of a popular Google search, and give a brief explanation of each topic.

Keyword Research

Before you even begin writing, even before you buy your domain name, (if you are building your own site), you need to do some keyword research to see if you can compete with the sites on the first page of that Google search.

You need to know the search volumes, the exact match results on Google, and have a good understanding of how to analyse these figures. You need to know the page ranks of the sites you're competing for, and the links leading to them, if you want to compete for the first page of a really popular Google search. You can do it by trial and error, but it's better if you don't.

Title Choice

Choosing the right title is the most important thing, because even if you do the research, and pick the wrong title, you will not get very far. Keyword research and title choice are closely related, but you really have to get a feel for what makes a good title from your gut.

On-Page Optimization

You have to use an optimum percentage of keywords in your articles or pages, usually around 3% for each tagged keyword, or keyword phrase, but it gets confusing, cause you may have many tagged keywords, and keyword phrases, which is a good idea, but how do you pick your tags, and should you use all of them as 3% of the text?

There is a lot to on-page optimization like subtitles, photos, videos, outgoing links, and the link text they come from, so take a look at the linked article to find out more. You really need to learn all of these SEO techniques to be able to compete for the first page of a popular Google search.

Back Links

There is quite a lot to making back links, because you have to know hundreds of different sites with good page ranks that you can make back links from. You may not have to make hundreds of back links to everything, and I usually only make about twenty or less to my articles, but it helps if you make a lot, so long as they are good ones.

My favorite sites to make back links from are Triond, HubPages, Digg, Delicious, Google Buzz, Google Bookmarks, Yahoo Buzz, Reddit, Linked In, Bentio, Blinklist, Yahoo Bookmarks, RedGage, She Told Me, Stumble Upon, Twitter, and I could go on. Click on the link to the article for the easiest way to make quality back links.

I hope that this article has taught you how to compete for the first page of a popular Google search, remember that I could not explain everything in one article, so take a look at my profile for a complete list of my articles on SEO.

If you haven't joined already, you should join Factoidz, cause you get paid really well for writing articles, and you can do so by clicking here.

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Comments (3)

Redgage is also a good place to post your backlinks, because you also get paid CPM for your links. They allow you to just post links as well as blogs, pictures, documents and video's.

You know I have some recent articles on the first page of google ,but i did not get success yet,but your articles taught me to be on the 1st page of search..good content and backlink help a lot.

Excellent article