How Do You Get Lots Of Google Plus Followers?
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How Do You Get Lots Of Google Plus Followers?

How do you get Google Plus followers? It's not all that hard, although it may be a little bit harder if you want to get followers for a business page rather than a profile, as you can't follow people first on a business profile, you can only wait until they follow you. There are ways to get lots of followers for your page though.

How do you get a lot of followers on Google Plus? It's fairly easy really, and I will explain the different methods I know in this article. I've been on the site for a few months now, and I'm starting to like it. 

I have two thousand followers on my personal profile Rowan Casey, and about four hundred on my Google Plus business page Social Marketing Services

I mainly focus on my personal profile, because I may have lots of different things I want to share that don't have to do with social marketing. 

So this is how I got lots of Google Plus followers on my personal profile. First I added a few people from the Warrior Forum, as there was a thread there of people who wanted to connect. 

Then I started searching through the people who had added them to circles, and through the people they had added to circles, looking for people who shared the same sorts of internet marketing interests as me. 

Then, I highlighted all of the suggestions given by Google Plus daily, and added them to my internet marketing friends circle. You just have to left click and drag the mouse to highlight hundreds of people to add at once. 

Some of them will add you back, and some won't, but if you add them, and then give their posts a plus one in your home page news feed, they will probably be more likely to add you back, and return the favor. 

How Do You Get Google Plus Followers?

I decided to add people to my circles based on their name, just to get a random selection of people, and see if they added me back. For example, I typed in John, Paul, Mark, and a whole bunch of different names, and followed all those people, and then I unfollowed a whole bunch every day as well, so I was under limit of five thousand people that you can add to circles. 

I also used You Like Hits to get random people to add me to their circles, although it works very slowly, as it's a new feature of that site. 

I offer a service on my site called buy Google Plus connections, where I can get you two hundred Google Plus followers for ten dollars, however it is rather slow, and I can't really speed it up, unless you want followers on a personal profile, and you give me your Google Plus log in details. 

How do you get lots of Google Plus followers? I would suggest that you follow people like me, and plus one their posts so they follow back, make links to your profile or page, perhaps buy some followers, and stay active on the site.

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Comments (5)

WoW....! Sounds really simple and effective as well. Will sure try it our friend.

I am going to try following your advice! Right now I have a little under 200 followers. I am adding you to my circles as well :)

I will give this a shot. Thank you.

Thanks for the useful tips to increase Google Plus followers. I will try to follow your advice:)

Hi Rowan, another helpful and interesting article, thanks for all the info. Have tweeted and added to google+ and recommended you. Great article thanks :))