How to Raise Funds for a Nonprofit Organization
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How to Raise Funds for a Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations are having difficulties raising funds. However, it is important that these companies make adjustments. What can they do? These businesses have to change the way they do business. The funds are available. Company leaders must develop plans that will bring in cash. Here are a few changes that can help them.

Learning how to fund raise effectively for a nonprofit organization is a tough job. However, a nonprofit can succeed if it takes the right steps. The organization has to find a way to expand its donor base. This is not an impossible task. Nonprofit companies receive more than $200 billion every year in the United States. Here are a few steps that a nonprofit business can take to build a successful fundraising campaign.

Develop a Plan

First, the nonprofit company must build a business plan to raise money. Develop the marketing section of the plan to explain how the company will attract donors. Create the management section to explain how leaders and board members will operate the company every day. Describe in the financial section how the cash will be managed. It is not unusual for large companies to offer a win a house program.

Ask for Money

Next, the nonprofit company must ask for money. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” The business can create low cost brochures, flyers, posters and business cards. Use the printing supplies and materials to help the company solicit money from donors. In some areas, the door-to-door work can increase revenues. Nonprofit employees can solicit funds from corporations, small businesses and individuals.

Apply for Grants

Then, it is important that the company apply for grants. Grants can be obtained at the local, state and federal levels. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), in 2011, the federal government approved $607 billion in grants. To increase the chances of receiving a grant(s), hire someone that has experience in grant writing. Nonprofit organizations can apply for hundreds of grants at

Special Events

Moreover, the nonprofit business can use special events to increase cash flow. This is a popular way to expand the donor base with current and future donors. For instance, the company needs $50,000. Find 50 people to donate $1,000. In the process, offer each donor a gift of some sort with a value of at least 10 percent. On the other hand, an organization can plan a dinner, a reception, a golf tournament or another activity. Some special events may include prize homes.

Finally, the nonprofit organization must also take in to consideration the economic conditions and other factors. In some areas, the donations may be lower because donors do not have money. The organization will have to make adjustments base on the economy. Therefore, the nonprofit organization has to market it services to current donors and new donors in a very effective way.

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