Should You Artificially Increase Your You Tube Video View Count?
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Should You Artificially Increase Your You Tube Video View Count?

Many internet marketers will try really hard to artificially increase their You Tube views, even to the point of buying views from robots, but does this really work for ranking a video on You Tube, or Google? Is it worth it to pay for hundreds of thousands of views, when these people aren't even seeing your video?

There are many reasons why someone might want to artificially increase the amount of You Tube views on their videos. 

A business might want to look more popular, or a musician might want to appear to have lots of fans. It's a grey area as to whether this can help or hurt you, as some internet marketers say you have to artificially boost your social signals to rank on You Tube, while others say that Google may punish you. 

One way you might try to increase your view count is to buy You Tube video views. Often this sort of thing is done through fake accounts, or fake traffic sources, and it's not even real people looking at the video. 

Often You Tube will freeze your view count if it looks like the views are not coming from real people, and they may even suspend your account for spam. 

I had one of my accounts suspended, for doing something I've seen many other people do, which was adding an affiliate link underneath my videos. 

You have to be really careful not to appear to be a spammer, or You Tube may shut down your account. Having said this, there are lots of different ways to increase your You Tube video view count in a more natural looking way. 

I usually just use my own social connections to share the video, I tweet it, share it with my Facebook friends, add it to one of my pages, share it on Google Plus, maybe on Stumble Upon, embed it in a blog post, and perhaps write an article to link back to it for SEO. 

Sometimes, I use sites like Add Me Fast or You Like Hits to increase the numbers of views, and these views do come from real people, but they only have to watch the video for twenty or thirty seconds, so I get the feeling that that might show up in the bounce rate of the video, if the video goes for more than a minute. 

I also can get likes or subscribers through these sites, and I offer that as a service on my site if you're interested. If you are, send me an email at As an example, I could get 1,000 real people to watch at least twenty seconds of your video for around fifty dollars, and the same price for the likes and subscribers. 

Getting back to the main question, I think the best way to try to increase your You Tube views is through getting people to share your video with their friends, comment on it, click the like button while actually watching the video out of interest. 

You can pay for a Google Adwords campaign to feature your video next to other related videos, or use that to increase the view count through it appearing before other videos, or at the top of a You Tube search. 

There are a lot of different ways to do it, but I think the best way is to try to rank a video in a You Tube search first, and use standard SEO methods to rank it on Google for that search. 

Try to increase the views gradually, in a natural looking way, and see if you can share it all over the place, in relevant places. 

For example, I sometimes answer questions on Yahoo Answers with a relevant You Tube video I made, and if your video gets chosen as the best answer, this can sometimes bring in thousands of views. 

Embedded views are good as well, so try to make lots of blog posts and articles featuring your videos, in a way that invites them to watch, and so those pages rank well on Google for a different search. 

My favorite way to get You Tube views is through sharing of the video, and this video here will teach you how to get You Tube views through social media

Remember, you can use a You Tube video to drive traffic to almost any page, but be careful not to put an affiliate link directly in the description, as that might get your account suspended. I prefer to use Facebook for my affiliate marketing efforts, when I can be bothered doing that. 

So in conclusion, you should artificially increase your You Tube video count, but in a way that looks as natural as possible, and that will hopefully get your video ranked in a search at the same time. 

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Socializing in social media sites like YouTube has become a part of everyone’s daily routine. And the main goal of everyone is to increase their fans and views. This has somehow turned into some sort of competition among users. The more views you get on YouTube, the more sociable and more popular you are.

How will you increase YouTube views free? Organic or real online traffic from genuine users is not that easy. The videos you upload must be relevant and entertaining. Nobody would bother to view it unless it’s really that interesting because there are lots of videos being uploaded every minute.