Top Ten Best Article Writing Sites To Make High Quality Back Links From
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Top Ten Best Article Writing Sites To Make High Quality Back Links From

This is my top ten list of the best article writing sites and different places to make high quality back links to your site. I actually list more than ten different sites, but I'll start with the ones I think are the best, although it really depends on the quality of the content you write on the page, and the back links you make to the back links.

This isn't an easy article to write, because there is no real way to determine the authority of a site, or the potential for an authority link to be made on any particular one of these, but these are what I think are the top ten best article writing sites to make high quality back links. 

Ezine Articles has long been considered one of the highest authority article writing sites to make back links, although it was punished fairly badly in the recent Panda algorithm update on Google. 

It lost about fifty percent of it's daily traffic, because so many people had posted low-quality, duplicated articles there. That used to be a good way to make a ton of back links, but not really anymore. 

It's important to write original, high-quality and relevant articles if you want to make a good back link to your site. 

HubPages is still a great site, and it has the same page rank as Ezine. What's also good about it is that you can get paid if you integrate your Google Adsense account, whereas Ezine doesn't pay anything at all. 

The best thing to do is write a really long article, with lots of different capsules like video, and photos. The best SEO advice is between 850 to 1,200 words to really get the most value from a back link. 

eHow is a great site for making back links, as Demand Media sites were one of the few who actually did better after the recent changes on Google. 

Unfortunately, it's only available to US and UK writers, which rules me out of writing there. I hope they change their policy soon, although I'm not holding my breath. 

Yahoo Voices used to be called Associated Content, and it's a fairly high authority site as well. Anyone can write there, although it's hard to get a promotional article published, and you don't get paid unless you're a US citizen. 

Squidoo is one of the oldest article writing sites on the net, although they call them lenses, not articles. You have to do a lot before they even make your lens publicly available on Google. 

If you don't satisfy their requirements, the lens will not be published to the net, and all of my lenses are currently inactive. I haven't made any money there either, it's not my favorite site, but you can get a good back link if it works. 

PRLog is a press release site, that has the potential to be a very high page rank back link, and a good way of getting traffic. You can only make the back link from the actual URL, not link text though, which is a little annoying. 

Blogger is a great site, but it really depends on the page rank of the blog you're writing on. You have to maintain a free blog by writing every day, or otherwise it just lapses, and the posts don't remain public on Google. 

Typepad is probably a better way to make a free blog, as you can get a higher page rank more easily, and the posts stick around for a while on Google, even if you don't write all the time. You can copy and paste a banner ad into the HTML. 

I would generally say it's better to buy a domain name and hosting on a different IP address, and make a full Wordpress site to make the best quality back link, but that's not free, and may not be worth doing if you're not going to maintain the site. is different to, in that you can make a free blog, and don't need a domain name and hosting to run the Wordpress software. You have to upgrade if you want to put ads on the page. 

I have found that it can be better than Blogger for ranking on Google, but to be honest, I don't really like any of these free blogging sites, they're just a way to make a free back link, or a secondary back link in a link pyramid. Again, you have to maintain the blog. 

Go Articles is often put in the same category as Ezine Articles, and it is, it's just a little less popular, and I don't really like either to tell you the truth, but they seem to make good back links. Same as Ezine in that it doesn't pay anything.

I've done ten, but you can also try Triond for making back links, although I haven't noticed my articles there doing very well on Google recently, so I'd use them for the second layer of a link pyramid. 

Best Article Writing Sites To Make High Quality Back Links From

There's many other great article writing sites that allow you to make high quality back links, and Factoidz is one of them, but you have to be careful to stick to the rules. 

On Factoidz, you're not allowed to put in any self-promotional links, (apart from links to blog posts and articles you've written), and you have to keep the article factual, and not commercial, which is pretty much the policy on all of those sites to varying degrees. 

Now the thing you need to realize, is I made a website, and I made back links to it from all of those sites and more, using the link pyramid, and all of the regular SEO techniques I was supposed to. 

I got up to first on the first page for Facebook page likes, and a whole range of other popular searches to do with the social media marketing services I offer, and I still make more from writing on this site than I do from my website. 

Those were my top ten best article writing sites to make high quality back links from, but the best article writing site for making money is right here, and you may end up making more here than on your website. Join Factoidz

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Comments (3)

Those are some good sites but you need to remove your referral links to them as referral links to other sites are NOT allowed on Factoidz.

I spent nearly a year writing for Hubpages and the AdSense program with it was really discouraging to work with. I never made anything. I also spent a year writing for Triond and by far, the exposure is low, the circulation is made through secondary genre sites that is inundated by content written by folks who use English as a second language so proper grammar, spelling and punctuation along with sentence structure leaves a lot to be desired. I signed up for Squidoo also several months back and it left a lot to be desired for ease of publication. I lost interest fast. Overall, Factoidz has been the best for me.

Like Debbie I have found making income from certain sites takes a looong time. I enjoy Factoidz! Thanks Rowan for the overview of the websites.